4 Car Safety Tips for Children

4 Car Safety Tips for Children

When a car speeds and stops, momentum can launch a child around the cabin. If you’re concerned about safety during long and short road trips with kids, these four tips can help.

Never Let a Child Ride in the Front

Children who are 12 years old or younger should never sit in the front row of a vehicle. The big problem is the position of the airbag compartment. If you crash into another automobile while a child is secured against the passenger seat, the airbag will activate. As the inflated bag blasts out of the chamber, its intense surge of power can harm a child.

Use a Car Seat or Booster Appropriate for Their Size

Car seats provide much better protection for small children than adult-sized lap belts and shoulder belts. A traditional car seat isn’t the best seating option for a kid because it doesn’t provide total support while a seatbelt is locked in place. When a seat belt rests against a small child, there will be stack between the kid and the seatbelt’s material. Without proper support, a seat belt won’t effectively protect a child as momentum builds up in a cabin during the most dramatic crash situations.

Car seats and boosters are practical solutions that you should equip in every car. According to reports, a proper seat for a child can reduce injury risks by nearly 70 percent. In order to fully protect a kid, you must always place a booster seat in the back of the cabin. If you buy an adjustable booster seat, you won’t have to swap seats as a child grows.

Never Share Seatbelts

If you let two kids share one seat belt, you may have to deal with two possible problems on the road. Depending on the laws in your community, you might get a ticket for using one seat belt for two kids. However, the bigger issue is safety because a seat belt isn’t designed for two passengers. The chances of one child not being positioned properly behind a seat belt during a collision is frighteningly high. This can cause the fabric to choke or cut one or both of the children. Making sure every child is safe is the real highest priority.

Keep Kids Calm

In order to keep everyone safe, you must maintain a peaceful environment in the cabin because stress leads to collisions. If you give hyper kids games and activities to enjoy, you’ll have no problems focusing on the road.

Highway safety rules keep people safe, and booster seats help to protect kids when sudden collisions occur. If you want a higher level of protection, invest in an automobile that has advanced safety systems.

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