For those involved in traffic accidents in Hopkins Minnesota knowing which next steps to take towards a civil remedy can seem impossible.

The legal system can seem, to the uninitiated, like a maze of case law and statutory provisions, at times contradictory and abstract.

The assistance of Hopkins, Minnesota accident lawyers in both pursuing a civil action for damages and in determining whether a case is initially viable should not be underestimated, and for the victim looking to pursue a private remedy, consulting accident lawyers should always be considered a first step.

While some may not consider pursuing civil action against a party responsible for an accident a desirable or worthwhile course of action, there are a number of emotional and financial. 

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While, of course, the defending party must also consider the potential criminal implications of his or her actions, a private remedy against an individual can help provide emotional closure and redress the tangible effects of such an encroachment of personal rights.

The role of Hopkins ,Minnesota accident lawyers in establishing and pursuing a case, through to trial or settlement, should not be underestimated.

While some courts may permit an individual an audience to represent him or herself without legal counsel, the input of an experienced attorney in establishing facts and applying the law within the framework of the legal system is instrumental to the likelihood of success on any given occasion.

In order to establish a case against a defending party, accident lawyers must first establish on the preponderance of the evidence (the civil standard of proof, as opposed to

Beyond a reasonable doubt) that the defending party caused that accident and as such occasioned some form of loss to the pursuing party – whether that be financial, emotional or

While it is essential that these facts must be established in order to succeed, there is usually no requirement to imply a mental quality, such as negligence – by virtue of having committed the acts, the defending party will be held automatically (or in legal terms, ‘strictly’) liable for the damages suffered.

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Provided there has been no new intervening cause resulting in the alleged harm (such as medical negligence or a secondary collision contributing to or solely causing the injury), and

indeed, that no statutory defenses are successfully pled, achieving this objective should in most instances prove sufficient for the award of damages, including legal and other expenses incurred in pursuing

Those involved in auto accidents caused by the defending party have automatically been wronged in a moral sense, and the involvement of accident lawyers in rectifying the situation can help

We work with firms who specialize in accidents, with a track record in dealing with personal injury cases through the civil courts.