The 4 Most Terrifying States to Drive In 1

The 4 Most Terrifying States to Drive In

Even if you’re confident in your driving abilities, traveling from one location to another in a moving vehicle can be terrifying and dangerous. You can’t prevent other drivers from acting irresponsibly. Drunken, distracted and unlicensed drivers can put you and your passengers at risk, and some U.S. states are worse than others. Here’s a glimpse of the four most terrifying states to drive in.


Studies have shown that California drivers top the list of most aggressive drivers in a state-by-state comparison. Aggressive driving is a type of scaled-down road rage in which drivers slam the brakes, accelerate rapidly and speed without justification. These types of reckless behaviors can lead to accidents. In California, aggressive driving incidents are so common that they happen every 6.6 minutes.


Utah ranks third in the nation for distracted driving. Distracted drivers often look at their cellphones, taking calls and texting while driving, which can lead to fatal accidents. In 2016, distracted driving led to more than 3,300 casualties in Utah. In college towns like Provo, young adults are more likely to be holding a mobile device while driving, increasing the risk of accidents. Many people don’t realize that multitasking simply isn’t possible while driving. This miscalculation takes a split-second to make but can have permanent consequences.


Montana has some of the highest nationwide rates of drunken driving, speeding and failing to obey. Failing to obey includes disregard of traffic signs and road signals and refusing to wear a seat belt. The direct consequence of this dangerous driving behavior was Montana’s ranking as the state with the second-highest rate of fatalities in 2017. Drunken driving is a key factor; not only is it a big problem in Montana, but one-third of nationwide car crash deaths are caused by it.


The deep snow and black ice that characterizes Minnesota winters make driving there a huge challenge. This fact is compounded with statistics that indicate that Minnesota drivers are ranked number six on a list of states with the worst drivers. These statistics are usually compiled using traffic citations, automobile fatalities, DUIs and speeding tickets. It’s important to know the kinds of car accidents, how to avoid them, and what to do if you get in one.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a bad driver, living in a state with high accident rates can increase your auto insurance premiums. Many states are now attempting to pass legislation with more severe penalties for drunken driving, and they’re also attempting to criminalize texting while driving. Drive carefully and keep an eye out for aggressive, drunken and distracted drivers no matter where you go.

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